Privacy policy

Usage of Google Analytics is using Google Analytics for tracking usage data and click paths of this website. The data are gathered anonymously, there is no way for to know who is the user behind the data. More more information please refer to

Usage of server logfiles is collecting data like the name and version information of the webbrowser an user is using when visiting the site. Such information are used to improve the website, detect faults on operation and to measure server load and traffic caused by In no case such data will be available to third party.

IP-Address database

To prevent cheating is storing the users IP-address each time when an user is registering or login into the game. is using the IP-addresses to prevent users from breaking the "in game rules". One of those rules is "one manager - only one club". If new users are registering or if existing users are trading in game is using that database for anti cheat checks. The IP-Addresses will be stored for a very short time, usually some weeks, and deleted automatically.

Cookies is using cookies for the session management of the game. This is needed to identify the user while playing the game. Cookies don't held any information like usernames or passwords. Users may delete them after login off the page.

Payment information

In the users can buy credits and supporter accounts to improve the game experience. is using Paypal to process the financial transaction that are needed to complete the purchase process. is not storing any details like credit card numbers or bank account data, the transactions are running on the Paypal-servers completely. gets notified by using special transaction ids if a payment was made successfully. Those transaction ids don't contain any privacy related data. For more information please visit the Paypal website.

Usage of Advertisements / Google Adsense

For some in game function is using Google adsense, as part of the game. For information about the data Google is collecting by displaying those advertisements please refer to the Google AdSense page. (More...)

Informations collected on registering

If an user is registering on the email address and an username is stored.

Passwords is storing the users password encrypted, and there is no way to decrypt the users password.

Usage of email addresses is storing the email address the user supplies on registering. This email address is used if the user requests a new password. If the user is inactive he will receive an expration warning to his email address. If the account expires he gets another notification to this email address. Email addresses will never be sold to third party. Email addresses will not be used to advertise or sending any not game related stuff to the user.

Usage of pictures on the site

All pictures are courtesy of Dirk Pohl, Cheers and a big thank you to Dirk for the permission to use those pictures here.